Monday, August 5, 2013

Ta Gueule- LIVE (2013)

With the deaths of coughs and PRE and AIDS Wolf, I have found myself looking for something to fill the void.  Right now, Ta Gueule seem to be coming pretty close.  The six tracks on LIVE are funky, noisy, and feature a vocalist who keeps the vocals varied.

Unfortunately, LIVE suffers from poor recording.  While still definitely listenable, LIVE has much more potential than what we are actually given.  Additionally, this album is too short.  I find myself really getting into their sound only to realize that my ten minutes is up and the album is over.

Other than the two small issues I've listed above, LIVE is fantastic.  Hopefully Ta Gueule find a place to record and give us a proper debut LP.  If Ta Gueule can create a full length of this quality then I may have finally found a replacement to fill the void left by the recent losses of PRE and AIDS Wolf.
Listen to the album Here, and tell your favorite label to pick them up.