Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Divorce- S/T (2012)

This is one of the harsher releases I have heard this year.  Divorce is a fitting name for this band, as the sound on this album is literally the band tearing itself apart.  If you have never tried noise rock, don't start here.  But if you have either been into noise rock for some time and are trying to traverse the gap to noise, or just the opposite, this is a great bridge between the two genres.

It is hard to fully describe the sound presented here, as no one track stands out by itself.  This is an album where each track on its own seems alright.  It is the tremendous weight this album holds as a whole which made it leave such a great impression on me.

If you enjoy this release, try White Suns-Sinews (2012); AIDS WOLF

EDIT:  I completely forgot to add this.  Sorry.
You can listen to/ buy it Here.

BNNT- _ _ (2012)

BNNT- _ _
BNNT _ _
Here we have a Polish Art/Noise Rock Duo.  Their 2012 Debut, _ _ features audioclips from movies such as TRASH HUMPERS and DAY NIGHT DAY NIGHT.  I personally find that it is these audioclips which work well to strengthen and fill in their sound.

Konrad Smolenski, the bands founder, plays a 'barritone missile', which is a four stringed guitar that looks how it sounds.  The band is known in Europe for 'soundbombings,' where they show up in a ugly van that has a generator and amps built in, jump out, and start playing a show.  These usually occur in inappropriate locations (though public in general is probably inappropriate enough for noise rock).

If you enjoy lightning bolt/ black pus, then this album might be for you.

This album has not yet been released on vinyl (I am waiting patiently though).
check it out/buy it digitally Here
Also, buy their 7" and get a free digital copy.

WaMu- Viafuckt (2012)

WaMu- Viafuckt

wamu viafuckt
I may as well start my blog off with a 2012 doosie.
WaMu-Viafuckt is a noise rock album full of saxophones, dissonance, and a female vocalist whose vocals linger in your head moments after being sung (yelled/yelped/cried/ect.).  While the album's first track I only find alright, I definitely found myself 100% onboard what these guys were doing by around song 4.  The album is only $5 on their bandcamp ($8 for the cassette after shipping).

If you enjoy this, I suggest checking into Coughs-Fright Makes Right; AIDS WOLF-Cities of Glass; Black Eyes-Cough

Buy it/Stream it Here.

Edit:  The good people over at TALKING HELPS RECORDS told me to feel free to use the music to promote it.  I had a bandcamp code after buying the cassette, so here you go:
Mediafire (320) Here.