Sunday, June 29, 2014

Poino- Bon Ick Voyeur (2014)

Bon Ick Voyeur
With Poino’s second release the band definitely show an evolution of their songwriting style.  While overall the music is still in the noise rock genre, the sound is much more daring, with major shifts in sound on each track. “lenod” has moments of new wave sound backed up to heavy guitar riffs and even near empty portions with only repeating guitar swells.  Other tracks, like “Pinking”, feel very math rock influenced.

I have always found Gaverick’s vocals hit-or-miss, even in Giddy motors, but on this album they tend to be solid.  The opening track, “Bird Trick”, has the most off-putting vocals on the album.  Fortunately, this was the only track I found grating in that aspect.  I was happily surprised that the album contained a mix of instrumentals thrown in, as it really helped the vocals not feel overstayed and remain fresh sounding.

Overall, “Burnt Birthday” was the strongest track on this album. 

I have found little noise rock I have enjoyed this year, except this album and a couple others.  Even more of a reason for you to check it out.  Listen to it and buy it Here.