Tuesday, August 19, 2014

NAH- WOE (2014)

NAH has been busy, as Woe is his ninth release over the past two years.  I loved his debut, Tapefuck, and have followed his stuff ever since.  That said, while Woe has a much different soung than how NAH started, it probably ties Tapefuck as his best.  The production on this album brings to mind Death Grips, but is able to remain unique and doesn't come off as a mere imitation.

Woe opens with a very minimal beat and guest vocals by recent collaborator GIVV, but it only takes a few moments before the sound turns to a more progressive hip hop.  While there is certainly more vocal track on this album than his previous works (minus GIVV's album of course), NAH does a great job at mixing in instrumental tracks that keep the sound fresh and exciting.  Woe does a great job at balancing the continuity of sound with the changing of styles.  tracks like "born" are hyper paced and filled with aggressive tension, while others, like "lonely, decelerating", are bass heavy exercises in electronic.  The only fault I can give this album is the vocal performance on "they out".

If you like Death Grips or Kanye's production on the most recent Pusha T single, then give this album a try at his bandcamp Here.