Thursday, November 29, 2012


Between school and a mortgage I do not get to purchase all of the great music I review.  While I still purchase 1-2 albums a month, often much of it is music I should have purchased from previous years, or music I purchased on CD, then destroyed the cd after years of use and decided to rebuy on record.

Regardless, I want to urge all readers to try to do a purchase a month, especially with the holidays around the corner.

I want to remind people that I would love to review anything passed my way, so feel free to send me your demos. albums, ect. either in digital form or physical or (my prefered) both. 

Finally, Any bands or readers should feel free to send me a Christmas card (No, seriously, that'd be awesome).  If I get any from any bands I will post them sometime during the holidays.

Infants- Giant Leg (2012)

This album is crazy.  Frantic, spastic noise rock/ dance punk which makes me think of Brainiac, Japanese 80's no wave, and the two good Test Icicle songs I liked in high school.  Apparently this album was long awaited and the band died before it's release; i just stumbled on it through rateyourmusic.  Regardless, I might be having to pick up a copy of this during Christmas.
You can listen to this Here

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Calibro 35- Ogni Riferimento A Fatti Realmente Accaduti È Puramente Casuale (2012)

Calibro 35's third studio album, Ogni Riferimento A Fatti Realmente Accaduti E Puramente Casuale, or 'any reference to existing persons or actual events is purely coincidental' has quite a unique sound for 2012.  Taking their sound from the 70's horror, cop drama, and other exploitative film soundtracks, Calibro focus on maintaining this sound, sometimes covering these old pieces, and sometimes playing original material.

The organs throughout really give this band their sound.  All in all, this is a nice album with a throwback sound.  The band definitely knows how to jam, and I would love to see them live sometime.
check out this album Here

Coughs-Fright Makes Right (2005)

After casually searching for a couple months, I finally found a copy of one of my all time favorite albums: Coughs-Fright Makes Right.  Released on Mythologie in 2005, this album got a very small pressing before Load Records decided to release it on CD.  After emailing Load to see if a repressing of this is ever going to happen (it isn't), I decided to track it down.  Eventually I found a used copy at Reckless Records for $20.
Quite a steal if I say so myself.  The cover is different from the more well known album cover, and appears to have been made by the band.  Inside is a flier that was typed up on a typewriter containing lyrics and a small bio which is worth reprinting here
Throughout modern underground music, there have been noticable trends which have led genres or scenes either into the waiting arms of mainstream culture or spiraling the opposite direction driving it further underground.  Such a trend can be traced through the american hardcore scene.  Certain midwestern hardcore music found a home in an amalgam of disciplines like 20th century classical, industrial, musique concrete, and death metal.  These not being exclusive, there are quite a few examples of this particular sort of music crossbreeding.  a specific documentary source for such crossover is the skin graft label.  utilizing the elements of music and performance art, the label gave a home to those who sought to expand their vocabulary beyond the basic formulas concocted for the genre. and alas a new wave of musical experimentation is on the rise.  coughs hailing from chicago are a sextet consisting of saxophone skronk, reeling keyboard repetition, tight bombastic percussion; comprised of oil drums and miscellaneous cookware, as well as a standard kit reconfigured; that immediately set them apart from what one would generally associate with hardcore.  kate gronner's guitar slices in accompaniment to james fianagam's horn and synth lines, and carrie biarsky's bass carves out patterns around seth sher and john ziemba's drumming techniques, while anya davidson's vocals sit atop this schizophrenic mess wailing and screaming until hoarse.  you take it from there.

Okay.  This album is great because of what it does.  It creates an auditory filth, muddled with the sounds of metal barrels and squeeling horns.  When Anya Davidson sings, her voice sounds truly raw, as though she both hates the listener and is bearing her soul to them.

This is an album of a band literally collapsing in on itself.  On some songs, the band sounds like they hate each other, and each is trying to outplay the other members.  Then, other songs, such as elimidate, appear, like a moment of sobriety when endorphins hit the brain.

I highly suggest everyone check out this album.  I uploaded it in two parts, but the second part does get cut short due to youtube's 15 minute rule.  This will still give you an idea of 95% of the albums sound.  I was unable to get permission from any of the band members to upload, though I did try.  This upload is intended to fit the copyright guidelines of fair use.

Listen to Part 1
Listen to  Part 2

Friday, November 23, 2012

Superstorms- superstorms (2012)

Drone usually doesn't sit to well for me.  Some of it is okay, but I tend to feel that the guitar work in it is usually lacking, or that a loop doesn't need to go on for 30 minutes when the loop is relatively simple and not innovative.

This album does a great job at overcoming these shortfalls which many drone albums find themselves being tripped up by.  If I had to use one word to describe this album it would be 'lush'.

Michael Tolan does an amazing job creating a soundscape which is full of life.  While most drone is dark and brooding, Superstorms sounds joyful and victorious.  It sounds like Prurient did the mastering of a Tycho album.

One thing that makes this album noteworthy is how well the songs flow together.  While writing this review I was going to comment on one of the tracks and how nice it was, but when I double checked the title of 'Part 2' I realized that wasnt the track I was still on.

I highly suggest you take a listen to this album.
The whole album can be streamed Here.

Divorce Interview

You have been playing together since 2008.  Why is the debut album coming just now?

    No deliberate reason, it's just the way things have worked out, but we're glad it didn't happen until now as we couldn't have made the kind of album that we did until recently. All the singles we've done over the past few years have been great training for us to take on the challenge of making the kind of full-length we wanted to.
    Also, Michael who runs Night School Records asked if we'd like to release an album with him, something that no other label we worked with before had offered to do. We lucked out too as we couldn't have asked for a better label to work with.

I was surprised to hear that the debut album was all music written within the past year or so.  Why did you opt to not put any of your other music on it?
    Everything we'd written prior to the songs for the album had already been released and we didn't want to re-record anything that had already come out just to make up the numbers. The one exception was our song 'Stabby Stab' because we wanted to elaborate on the original by adding some free-jazz saxophone and giving it a bit of a fresh dimension.
    We also wanted to make the album a reflection of where the band is right now and for it to work best as a complete piece of work rather than some kind of retrospective of previously heard odds and ends that have no relation to each other. Because the music was all written and recorded within a year it feels to us more unified and direct.

Were you all friends before starting Divorce, or did any of you end up joining through a wanted ad or something strange?
    Some of us were friends previous to the band starting and some of us met at houseparties or through mutual friends. Thankfully we never had to place any musician wanted ads anywhere, we're a bit of a hard band to advertise for and besides, only egomanics who think they're the latest hot-shit virtuoso tend to answer wanted ads. Life's too short to deal with a parade of musical masturbators, starting bands with friends is the only way to go.

Why is VSO only referred to by that acronym?  What does it stand for, and what do you call him?
    VSO is called VSO purely to confuse everybody.

You recently played a show with Doomsday Student, how was that?

    Fantastic! We're all big fans of their previous band Arab On Radar so it was a pretty big deal for us that we got to share a bill with them. Their set was absolutely ferocious, plus they were true gentlemen. Excellent t-shirt designs too.

What were your favorite albums of 2012 (if you have a chart/top 10 list/ each have only a few favorites, whichever)?
    Some records that have really stood out this year were Normal Love's "Survival Tricks", their first album in about 5 years, "Damning With Faint Praise" by Yowie, their first album in about EIGHT years. Also the EP by No Babies, debut albums by Staer from Norway, Holy Mountain from Glasgow and Blacklisters from Leeds in the UK. The new Extra Life album is fantastic as well.

What's the practice space like right now, and do you record in your own studio or have to pay to record?
    We recently moved to a new place and it's working out pretty sweet so far, biggest reason being that it's not far from our respective flats and we're all lazy. None of us have the expertise to properly record ourselves, our album and last few singles were recorded with our friend Ali Walker, who has done a brilliant job for everything he's recorded for us and we hope to work more with him in the future too.

What are your plans for 2013, and if it is another album, are you planning on having a stateside label as well?
    It would be great to do another album within the next year, but we'll have to write it first! We've got around four new tracks in various stages of completion, lots of ideas are getting thrown around just now so it's very exciting and creative. As far as having an American label, Night School Records, our label here, gets distributed by Revolver in the states so we don't have much call to go searching for one.

What is one album I should hear that would be unknown outside of Europe?
    It's not a specific album, but our Glasgow friends Ultimate Thrush have been making some of the best noise-based music we've heard for a long time. We've toured with them a few times, released a split tape with them back in 2009 and always really enjoy sharing a stage with them. Their music (and loads of other Glasgow-based underground/DIY/noise stuff) can be heard and downloaded for free from the Winning sperm Party label Here.

That AIDS of Space music video was very nice, do you plan on having Sofia do any future work with you?
    We were extremely lucky to have had Sofia work on a video for us as she's not a music-video-maker in the literal sense, she creates astonishing visual art and works with video as well as other mediums. We're huge fans of the work she's created and we're just amazed at the job she did for our song, it's absolutely insane!

Who made the album art?
    Our guitarist Vickie and vocalist Jennie worked on it together. Both have done the artwork for different releases in the past and collaborated this time round. We also hand-screenprinted all 1000 of the vinyl covers too, so it was a real in-house creative job, lots of blood, sweat, tears and more blood.

Monday, November 19, 2012

Xaddax- Counterclockwork (2012)

Here is an album I had been meaning to get around to that Built on a Weak Spot reminded me to check out.  Glad I did.
Xaddax play with the passion of XBXRX, but hold some of the angst.  This album works well, throwing squealing guitars at the listener while holding a slower drum section than XBXRX that isnt as focused on breakdowns.
The album is quite short, and that ends up being one of its strengths.  Its fast pace makes the listener question whether it is actually an EP.
Overall, the music is fast, fueled, and feverishly delivered.  It makes you want to drink, fight, and be an all around degenerate.  If you are a fan of punk driven noise rock, than this album is probably for you.

Check out two songs off the album Here.

Obnox- Rojo (2012)

Obnox Rojo
I just heard this today and was very impressed.  This album sounds like the vocals from 'Liars-They were wrong so we drowned' has been mixed with a no wave saxophone, tribal drumming, and more feedback.  Overall, a very strong release from a band that would have remained unknown to me if not for the great blog Built on a Weak Spot.  I have not yet been able to track down a link to the full album for listening, but take a listen to one of the 7 tracks Here.

I will do my best to hunt down an email address to see if I can get permission to upload the album onto youtube/mediafire.  In the mean time, do yourself a favor and hunt this one down.  It can be purchased at Permanent Records.  Buy it Here

Sunday, November 18, 2012

White Drugs- Gold Magic (2010)

White Drugs
I am quite pleased to be able to provide you with this album.  White Drugs's Sophmore release, Gold Magic is a great album.  While definitely noise rock, it holds a summertime feel.  I contacted one of the members of the now defunct White Drugs, and they agreed to let me upload a song onto youtube and upload the album on mediafire.

As you can tell from the youtube link, White Drugs dance this boarder between radio-rock and noise rock quite well.  Heavy riffs but subtle vocals.  Also, This was released on Amphetamine Reptile Records; for those who know AmRe, they know that their releases tend to be outstanding stuff, and this is no exception. 

An interview with one of the singer/guitarists will be coming shortly, as I am quite busy at the moment, but it will include information about Baños y Baños, a new group comprised of similar members, as well as their upcoming debut.

If you enjoy this album, please buy it, as copies are still available.  for purchasing information, email Chris from the band.


Wednesday, November 14, 2012

NAH- Tapefuck (2012)

I couldn't end the night without giving you a 2012 release.  So here you go.

NAH- Tapefuck is a one man act.  It rocks.  I stumbled upon to this around April and was bumping it real hard.

NAH is a drummer who makes dissonant soundscapes which then are played while he drums to them.  This album starts out with saxophone samples, heavy drums, and soooo much goodness that 5 seconds into hearing it I knew it was for me.  If the first 10 seconds of this album dont make you fall in love, than know it probably isnt for you.

If you like Tobacco from BMSR, but wish he had real drums and went a little harder, than this is for you.

Find it Here as well as two other releases of 2012 that he has since done (which I haven't heard yet).

Pneu- Highway to Health (2011)

Highway to Health
I am apparently terrible at reviewing just 2012 albums.

Here is the second album by french duet Pneu.  As described to me: "this album is for like Hella don't you?" The answer to that question is yes, but I was skeptical.

Well, Be skeptical not, this sounds good.  I mean real good.  As a guy who finds feels most math rock sounds slightly vein, if not almost grandiose, I am here to tell you this is legit.  I felt it was better than You Slut! and any Ahleuchatistas releases I have heard (no I haven't heard their most recent.

Really, as a band with one guitar and one drummer, they really do do a decent job at imitating Hella, even if that isn't their goal.  I strongly suggest this if you liked 'The Devil Isn't Red', or really any Hella release.

Trust me, just listen to it right Here

Poino- Moan Loose (2010)

I had mentioned that I would be reviewing any albums sent to me.  Well, I decided on an official method for this process.  If a band sends me an album to review.  I listen a few times and then write up a review and send it back.  If they agree, I then publish it.

On that note, here is the first band who agreed that the review didn't make them out to be complete crap (because they are actually good)

Moan Loose

About halfway through Moan Loose, it finally hit me.  the vocalist sounds exactly like the guy in Giddy Motors.  If you know Giddy Motor's 2002 album, Make it Pop, then you know that that is a good thing.

Before I continue with the review I wrote them, I was told after sending this that it is the same vocalist.  I guess I should have done some research, but I was trying to do my reviews solely of a sound thing, so I guess I nailed it.  Anyway, continue review:

As far as the music goes, the band's Bandcamp calls it 'alternative', 'alternative rock'.  tow labels I loath.  the music is someplace between noise rock and math rock, keeping the instruments away from the punk spectrum while the vocals near it.  The instruments make good use of changing time signatures, though they do 'chug; out in track 8 for a few moments.

The band makes a good amount of ruckus for just three people.  I was left wanting more guitar wankery, similar to that found at the end of ' Bad Bag'.  I love when I have to do a double take to determine whether the sound came from a squealing saxophone or a guitar, and that moment at the end of that track hits that sound perfect..

The biggest pitfall of the album is that it includes a slow track second to the end.  Up until this point the album pulls at you, constantly forcing you forward with the sound, but 'watching the kitchen spider' hits you like a shot of heroine.  It's sluggish, off-putting, and the drums and guitar feel as though they would be better suited on a Band of Horses album.

Fortunately the album uses this break in the energy to build up for a final encore with 'Sex Pesto', a song whose bass just demands to be paid attention to.

I want to thank them for reaching out and asking me to check out their music, because I enjoyed it.  They hope to be touring stateside next year and should have a new album out, so be on the lookout for that.  If you enjoy this album, reach out to them either here in the comment section or at their Bandcamp.

You can listen to/ buy one of the last 30 copies on vinyl Here.

Monday, November 12, 2012

Interview with Jason Hodges and Gary Stevens of MUTWAWA

Hello, and thanks for taking the time to do an interview.  Feel free to introduce yourself.
Thank you! I’m Jason.
Yeah, thank you! I'm Gary
What are some bands you two have been in besides MUTWAWA?
I’m currently also in Bermuda Triangles and Suppression, I used to be in Amoeba Men, The Yes Sirs, Silver Ninjas, and Kojak.
I am currently involved with Head Molt, Astrology Diet, Afrocimex and Glassslipper. Past projects include A.S.D, No-fi, Netenyahoo, Jermflux, and a few others I don't recall! mostly noise type stuff with a pretty limited output. 
When you two came together to form MUTWAWA, what was the sound that you were going for?  Do you think that you have achieved that sound yet?
For me it was a chance to collab with a friend who’s band I loved and I was looking for a project to experiment with my Electribe sampler. I think what we’re going for morphs/ changes and may be purposely unattainable to keep us on our toes...
I had no idea what we would sound like honestly, I was just really stoked to work with Jason. Suppression and CNP Records are legends in my mind. So whatever became of it I was sure to be excited. After a couple of sessions, namely Radio Machete Mob it seemed to me we were a really noisy dance music project, something I've always wanted to do. I wouldn't say that this is our formula though, we both have many influences to bring to the table and experiment with other elements. 

Which one of you is the one who is the fan of Cities of the Red Night by William Burroughs?  Have you read the rest of that trilogy?  If your songs had lyrics, would they be in the same manner as Burroughs surreal writings?
I have read and like that book but haven’t read the trilogy. I’ve been meaning to but I always have a daunting stack of books that I don’t have time to read. Lyrics would probably be suggestive, rhythmic, and subliminal...
Yeah that was all Jason's idea. I haven't read the book. Not sure what we would be lyrically, but I would say our subject matter deals with things like mythology, the paranormal, occult, cults, pseudo-science, science fiction, religion, spirituality, distopian and post-apocalyptic themes. 

You recently played the Gwar-B-Q, how was it?  Any good stories?
It was great and weird. We’ve never played in sunlight before. Strawberry liqueur, weed cookies, and playing with a bunch of our friends all in one place made for a good time.
We went on at 11am! That was strange for me. We drew a decent crowd under the pagoda, people who did not know our music kinda seemed to enjoy it. Many great people and friends were there that day, I would love to do it again! 

You also played with Dope Body a while back, how was that?
That was our worst show, they were pretty good. 
Ha! Yeah that was a terrible Mutwawa set! Otherwise a good show. They fall slightly outside of my area of musical interest but they did some really cool songs, i liked the noisier parts.

What was your favorite band to play with?
Hmmmm. I loved playing with B L A C K I E, Mincemeat Or Tenspeed, Drums Like Machine Guns, and tons more....we’re lucky to have friends doing killer bands/ projects....
Not so much one particular band, we have played shows with many great acts and good friends. Sharing the overall experience of our collective scenes and personal visions is where it is at for me.  

You have a pretty large set of equipment to set up for your shows.  Do you feel like describing any of your setup for us?  What are each of your favorite pieces of equipment at the moment?
I mainly use my Electribe ESX-1 so I guess that’s my favorite but I also use a couple of Korg Monotrons, a Line 6 delay, and an old Dr. Groove drum machine midi’d in the mix all running through Gary’s stuff.
I cover the effects processing and mixing board. I mostly use guitar pedals, I like the grittier sound of multiple units feeding back into each other. I tend to naturally improvise so I have to make meticulous notes of knob settings or it all just goes haywire.

Want to tell us about the outfit choice for MUTWAWA?  Did you make the masks yourself? 
The costumes sort of found us.
We originally wanted ceremonial robes but in a pinch hit the thrift store and found a few dresses. They look pretty good so we just stuck with them. I painted the masks over top cheap plastic Halloween masks found laying around the house. Intensifying our costumes and performance in general is something I'd like to pursue further.

What was your favorite album releases of this year?  Feel free to state your top 10/25/ 50 albums.
I liked the Death Grips, Black Dice, Sediment Club, Liars, Blake Fleming, Eric Copeland releases this year. My top lists would totally vary from day to day but I’m pretty sure that Chrome, The Fall, Suicide, Crash Worship, Lake Of Dracula, and Muslimgauze would always make the cut...
I honestly don't keep up with newer stuff. I like to scour music blogs for obscure music from the past. My top played artists/albums of the last year (according to are Louise Huebner "Seduction Through Witchcraft", Ruth White "Seven Trumps of The Tarot", Stereolab "Emperor Tomato Ketchup", Zeigenbock Kopf "Nocturnal Submissions",  Luigi Russolo "Musica Futurista" , Hanatarash "Hanatarshi", 2 Many DJs "As Heard On radio Soulwax", The Screamers "Demos 1977-78", Missing Foundation "Ignore The White Culture",  Tom Cameron "Music To Do Dishes By"
Here is the spot where you get to do a shout out to some local band who deserves more people to know about them.  Do that.
Wow there’s a ton that I, Flesh Control, Pissheads, Olde Shame...yeah I can’t pick one.
local noise acts Contortionist Jazz Exotica, Heavy Breathing, Scant, Champagne Of Rats...punk bands like Pissheads, Lost Tribe, Soma, the scene here is pretty cool right now.

The title of the most recent release was “Lamashtu Pazuzu”.  Did you choose that because of a quote from a book or because of your knowledge of Mesopotamian mythology?  Why did you choose this as the title?
I liked the fact that Pazuzu was the demon possessing Regan in The Exorcist book/ film and a Babylonian myth that is summoned to protect against Lamashtu’s influence. We thought the two names together had a nice ring to it.
I think it was a bit of both. 

What is in the future for MUTWAWA?  Any new albums in the works, and if so are you going to stick to just cassette releases?
We’re currently writing for our first LP release....
We want to do an LP, slowly working on new songs, they are developing rather well. would also like to incorporate a dark alien, ritualistic soundtrack on side two.

Thank you again for your time.  Any last words for our readers?
Watch the skies....
Watch the skies....

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Air Tycoon- Winter Purple (2012)

Air Tycoon
Bedroom producer Joe Garcia really shows his production skills with this album.  The tags cough syrup, drag, trip-hop all seem accurate.  Even the album title, Winter Purple, nods at the idea that this sound was made for getting high on purple cough syrup.

In the end though, regardless of who the intended audience is for this mixtape/ album, I find that this album incorporates the perfect amount of mainstream rap drum tracks in with lush synthesizers and samples.  The album really picks up around track three and stays strong through track five.

One of the main strengths of the feeling of mainstream rap beats which accompanies this album which really goes much deeper.  Friends who listen to T-Pain and Lil Wayne will be able to appreciate these beats, and if you can stand hearing them state how much better these songs would be with the aforementioned featured on the tracks, show them this album.

Overall, both this and his recent EP were strong contenders for the year and if you are a fan of triphop you should check this out.  At least check out the 4th track, Care for You.

Also, the artwork is very nice IMO.

Listen to the album and buy it Here.

Key of Shame- Threnody for Marcus Junius Brutus (2012)

Key of Shame
This two man group is a more sonically fused, abstract based band featuring Mark Morgan of Sightings.  The album is two long songs, with only tape loops (i believe) and guitar.  On first listen this would quickly be classified as noise, however I feel the title ambient suits it better.

The loops are longer, with a focus on space and depth.  Morgan's guitar stays true to the sound he is known for in Sightings, but coupled with the droning loops it creates a more haunting, sparce landscape of sound textures.

If you are wanting to venture in to the genre of noise, but do not like the typical wall of sound so often attributed to the genre, this is a great place to start.  I contacted Pat Murano of the group and he agreed to let me share the album with you on mediafire.  Thanks Pat!
Download and listen Here.  Hopefully a short interview will be following in the next few weeks.

Friday, November 9, 2012

Aufgehoben - Fragments of the Marble Plan (2012)


This was my first experience with Aufgehoben, a noisy free-jazz band who was formed in London about 12 years ago.  Fragments of the Marble Plan is their 5th album, and it is quite a daunting album at that.  While I imagine most will be quite put off by this album, if you were a fan of White Suns- Sinews (2012), but wished it was a little more free-jazz oriented at times, than this album will probably be up your alley.

The album has 2 drummers on it, though the drums are slightly mixed down and have much more of an emphasis on cymbals and hi hats.  Still, the drumming is the only backbone this has holding it together in any form of song structure.

There is no Bandcamp for this up, so one track from the album
and one live track
will have to suffice for now.

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Funk Police- Hot We are Funk We Play (2011)

Funk Police
I stated that I would occasionally be adding music on here that is not from 2012 but worthy of checking out.  I will try to do this weekly/bi-weekly.  So, without further ado, Funk Police.

Funk Police's 2011 album, Hot we Are, Funk We Play is exactly how you would expect the album to sound; Funky.  Taking notes from The Rapture, Funk Police start out immediately in the groove, and do not let off the gas once throughout the entire album.  released on Avant! records, this album has balls.  while the lyrics are often hard to understand, they dance between sex and dance.  The opening track, back inside you, immediately displays how this bands sound is dripping auditory sex, from the cooing vocals to the cowbell.

From there, the album begins to ride a dance groove out.  One reason I enjoyed this so much is their use of repetition.  The sounds loop and grow, but never appear to be simply looped or sampled.  If you are a fan of the instrumentation of the Rapture, or like the band Liquid Liquid, I suggest you stop by their bandcamp and check this out.  It is not to be missed.
Listen Here.

Mutwawa- Lamashtu Pazuzu (2012)

Mutwawa Lamashtu Pazuzu
Here is a great album which is best described as noisy dance infused middle eastern sounds.  Only 8 tracks long, this album accomplishes finding a unique sound in a world that seems to have ever increasing difficulty of doing that.  While this album is not perfect, its lofi production is one of its strengths, helping the album feel less like an electronic album recorded solely on a laptop.  This album will make the listener feel as if they are in a seedy nightclub in Morocco, with DJ's who are trying to imitate Boys Noize records but in the end creating something completely different (see track 3, Skrull Eternal).
Overall, this album will please both those looking for something new and girls who claim Daft Punk is there life.
You can listen to it Here.  If any of the 50 copies are left, you can buy the cassette Here.

EDIT:  Jason Hodges of MUTWAWA got back to me, letting me know that he will be doing an interview as well and providing me with a link to download the album and all of their other work for free.
Find it all for download Here.

Black Pus- Pus Mortem (2012)

Black Pus Pus Mortem
Here was a sleeper release from Lightning Bolt's Brian Chippendale.  This album is great, combining all that I love from black pus into an awesome free album.  If you find Lightning Bolt to be too fast paced for you, or if you just need more of their indistinguishable vocals, this album is for you.
While I have never gotten the honor of seeing Lightning Bolt live, all of the live videos of this album sound great, so do yourself a favor and youtube it.
Short review, but go ahead and stop by the bandcamp to download and listen to this great album.  Dont be put off by the artwork, just do it.  you can find the bandcamp Here.  And name a real price if you like the album so that more great music can continue to be made.

Another Update

So far things have been going great over here at Procurement records.  We had almost 50 views today so far, so I am glad to see that this has been gaining interest.
Hopefully the blog will began to be better tagged, and will have different pages soon for updates, interviews and albums.

In trying to keep to giving you lesser known albums, I decided my main standard of review will be whether P4k has has reviewed an album or not.  Looking at the albums I have next on the chopping block, a variation in genres is going to began to show up, so dont be surprised if you see a funk album next to a noise album next to a freejazz album.

Also, I have set up an email account, so feel free to email if you have any questions.

Until I have set up an official talk amongst yourself page, feel free to post any offtopic comments, suggestions, ect here.

Finally, as it is November, Musikchan is asking its viewers to spread the word of its existence, so go check out the best music forum on the web.

Thanks again

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Diamond Terrifier- Kill the Self that wants to Kill Yourself (2012)

Diamond Terrifier
If you liked Colin Stetson's New History of Modern Warfare, or if you simply enjoy seeing the extreme uses some people implement on the saxophone, than Diamond Terrifier may be a good 2012 release for you.
This album makes you question whether it is a saxophone or synthesizer many times during its playthrough.  It is brooding, and at times dissonant, and while Sam Hillmer does not follow Colin's schtick or Humming while playing, he does create unique soundscapes through the use of pedals.  Hillmer's Sax can make drones, swirls, and analogue tones which are all quite impressive.

Unfortunately, there is no links to a full album preview legally available at this time, though I am going ahead and emailing for permission to upload the album to youtube/mediafire/ asking him to create a bandcamp.
Until then, you can purchase the album Here, and listen to a studio track Here and a live track (which I recommend) Here.

Digital Natives- Two See Everything (2012)

digital natives
I found this while digging through the blog Weed Temple.  60 minutes of samples and loops.  It'll make your head bob.  This could best be described as a lofi-bedroom producer version of the Avalanches.  The third track, bedstead ghost, is where I found this really picking up.

Overall, a nice (7/10) album which sounds best writing, thinking, or doing any other task which allows it to casually permeate your subconscious while you focus on something else.
Buy the cassette/ listen Here.

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Misha Mishajashvili- 2012 (2012)

Misha Mishajashvili- 2012 (2012)
Misha Mishajashvili
This album may have been my favorite 2012 release.  Its release in January went relatively unnoticed, but everyone I have shown this album to has been very impressed.  The album is filled with strange radio transmissions which give visions of fall out and Chernobyl.  The drums have a reversal effect thrown on them, leaving whisps after their hits.  The first song has a vocal track of a a female voice which has been pushed to the point where the audio has been severely distorted: an obviously intentional technique which works well to encompass this surreal, ghost-town feel the music creates.  The second track has a few moments of beeps which imitate the sound of life support in a hospital.  This Russian album almost could take the title of concept album simply because of how well all the songs hold one continual sound.
Listen to it Here.
Mediafire (link has permission by author) Here.

Hopefully we will see his next album next January.  If so, you can guarantee I will be quick to give it a listen.

Friday, November 2, 2012

Choochooshoeshoot- Playland (2012)

Choochooshoeshoot- Playland
choochooshoeshoot playland
The female fronted noise rock scene has been growing in recent years.  I am continually surprised by the quality of almost all releases that fit that description.  Choochooshoeshoot's Playland is no exception.
Hailing from France, Choochooshoeshoot have a sound which conjures images of a more refined Pre.  The song structures are very well crafted, and the vocalist has quite a broad range, at times bringing a harsh spoken word feel for a few moments only to bring her sound back to a Merrill Garbus tone.  Each listen has me noticing more strengths within this album.  Great influences seem to be easily found throughout.  The first track's vocals immediately bring to mind Arab on Radar, and much of the guitar work later on has me thinking back on old Fugazi.
Whether you consider this Post Punk, or Noise Rock, it is highly recommended.
Go Here to give it a listen, then buy the album.

Update and future plans

I have been extremely busy as of late, both preparing for the MPRE and balancing school.  Despite all this, some exciting things are in store for this blog.  Hopefully sometime next week we will be publishing an interview with BNNT.  than, shortly after that, We will be bringing you an interview with a member of Divorce.
In other news, I have sent out a couple requests to bands which only have cassette releases that they create a bandcamp so that others may be able to hear their albums in full.  Should any agree, we will be bring both a review and a link of those to you.
As far as layouts are concerned, this blog will be beautifying casually over the next month or two.  Hopefully I will get a nice guest book page going where you can recommend music to me, as well as leave any other shout out you so choose.  Feel free to leave comments on any music posted.
Finally, I hope by the end of 2012 to have a few charts made available to you.  I have heard over 30 noise rock albums this year, and I am trying to decide a proper order of best to worst.  I also want to post a top fifty list of music, and I hope to try to tie this in with a youtube where I can share various songs throughout the ages that just went unnoticed.

Well, that brings any readers up to speed.