Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Cannibal Movie- Mondo Music (2012)

Mondo Music
Originally released last year in a limited cassette release of 100, Cannibal Movie's Mondo Music is getting the rerelease on vinyl by our friend Avant! Records' sister label, Yerevan Tapes.  I am not too sure when the release is happening exactly, though I would guess right around the upcoming record store day.  But, onto the music:

Cannibal Movie is an Italian duo, attempting to recreate the 70's horror/exploitation film soundtrack sound.  The Duo consists of a drummer and a very unique sounding organist.  Comprising of two 13 minute tracks, Mondo Music is a solid little release, where neither of the tracks ever feel they are overstaying their welcome.  The drumming at times reminds me of Hanging Coffins, and the organist does a good job holding a droning sound-scape in the background while keeping a unique forefront presented. 

The album can be listened to Here, and I will try to remember to update with a link when Avant! releases this on vinyl.

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