Sunday, October 6, 2013

Bill Orcutt- A History of Every One (2013)

A History of Every One
Bill Orcutt has always played with his own unique style, be it his out-there electric guitar jams with fellow noise makers Harry Pussy or drummer Chris Corsano, or his acoustic guitar spasms of notes.  Personally, while I do love Harry Pussy, I feel that Bill's sound is best with an acoustic.  I really enjoyed A New Way to Pay Old Debts when I heard it last year (I was a little late to the party), and I think I enjoy this release even more.

On A History of Every One, Orcutt plays renditions of classic songs throughout modern history like 'White Christmas', 'Black Betty', 'When You Wish Upon a Star', and others; all while making them incomprehensible from their original versions and crooning like Keith Jarrett while doing it.

One reason I like this album more than A New Way to Pay Old Debts is that it tends to have slower song tempo's yet maintain the ferocity of Orcutt's play style.  This allows for times where actual strumming occurs to mix with the hit-every-note-now play style Orcutt has become known for.  This makes for an album that is better paced and for songs with better structures to them.  Additionally, tracks are more memorable than compared to those from his previous solo efforts (except for his version of The Star Spangle Banner).

Really though, there isn't too much to say about A History of Every One.  If you have heard Orcutt on an acoustic, know simply this is him at his best, doing his thing.  Either that interest's you or it, or it definitely doesn't.

Editions Mego are nice enough to have the album on Youtube.  Listen to it Here.

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