Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Razorlegs- Live Cuts (2014)

Live Cuts
I reached out to Fadensonnen a few weeks ago, asking whether we should be expecting a 2014 release (we should, and it is getting pressed to vinyl this time round, so great news!).  When I asked him, in addition to learning that we are, I found out P.D. worked on the side project Razorlegs.  Intrigued, I managed to get ahold of a copy on CD.

Razorlegs area  duo who make free-jazz that often ventures into a more drone-based realm (see "Cliveden Reach").  Over the course of the album, Andrew Hurst jumps from drums/percussion to keyboard and guitars while PD Fadensonnen plays guitar, sax, and stylophone.  Much like when I first heard Zebra Pulse' album last year, I was surprised that this was a live album.  With Live Cuts, Razorlegs often end up making a much larger sound than one would expect from just two members.

If you have heard Fadensonnen's 2012 album, you may not be terribly surprised by the loose guitar structures that come up, but for listeners going in thinking that this will be free-jazz saxophone over drums (as the first track does seem to falsely foreshadow), they will be quickly surprised.  Tracks like "Razorlegs" smash such preconceptions.

For me, the standout track was "Ulrich's Dilemma".  This track coupled interesting percussion with a nice saxophone piece that ended up being much stronger than I expected.

If you want to order yourself a copy of the CD, contact Andrew Hurst.  Check out two tracks Here and Here.

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