Tuesday, March 10, 2015

2015 Update

Now that I am finally done with my 2014 countdown, I can begin looking ahead at 2015.  Already we have some great albums out that I want to begin to review.  Even more exciting though, Procurement Records will be releasing 50 copies of White Spot-Father Songs on cassette in early April.  The guy sent me the album to review and I asked if instead I could release it...couple months later and here we are.  If you come to the blog with any frequency, please take the time to at least stream it and give it a listen.

So long as this does decent enough to cover my costs of publishing it, Procurement Records will do its best to continue releasing physical copies of noise rock we love. 

That said, go pre-order a copy now.  All profits on new releases by Procurement Records will go to the artist and they retain the rights to their music; what other label can say that?


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