Thursday, January 31, 2013

Cattle- Self Titled EP (2013)

2013 noise rock ep
This was the first 2013 noise rock release I found that I enjoyed.  That is why it is the first thing I am going to review for 2013.

Cattle, who I assume reference Cows with their name, are a three piece noise rock group that appear to still be finding their sound.  The four tracks on this EP do not seem to have a uniform style.

Despite this fact, the tracks are all good.  The vocals improve with each song, and in my opinion, so does the instrumentation.

'Rockets' is the only track on here which I feel could use some work.  As soon as you get to 'Whoa Bessie' this band begins to make sense and starts to be promising.  The guitar work is almost nu-metal at times, though certainly not in a bad way.

'Sun Fangs and Wide Eyes' is a pretty great track.  It is the one I would recommend if you for some reason don't have time to listen to all four.  The vocals are cleaner, and the vocalist displays his range the best here.  Also, the change in guitar at the very end is a great touch.

Overall, I would definitely check out a full release by these guys, and though I laugh at the artwork, this is the best noise rock out in 2013 and we are already a month in.

Check out Cattle Here.  The Bandcamp still has free downloads, so do that.

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