Thursday, January 31, 2013

White Suns- HQ Tape Series Vol 5 (2012)

HQ Tape Series vol. 5
Last year White Suns released the fantastic album Sinews on Load records.  They also, however, released this cassette of two improv tracks on Ominous Recordings.  I scoured the internet looking for a sample of this to decide whether I wanted to purchase it and was unable, so I purchased it anyway.

While only two tracks long, this two track album clocks in at 47 minutes.  Both pieces are improvisational sets, and are quite impressive.  Feedback is well controlled and used to enhance the sounds, the drummer is good at following the lead of the guitars and isn't afraid to refrain from playing when the music slows.  The drums also stay in the background, using continuous rolls to create machine like rhythms.

This tape is great because it also enhances the listening experience of Sinews.  No longer can I wonder whether Sinews is more a work of studio engineers than the band itself.  With this cassette, White Suns show that they can perform well together, are able to play off each other, and can allow sounds to grow and change very naturally, even when the sounds are from such an unnatural playing style.

Like on Sinews, we often see that White Suns is willing to dedicate a few minutes to a single high pitch trill on the guitar.  This is a style taken from drone music, though forced into a harsh noise lens.  While to many this may sound agitating, it works very well in building a tension up in the music.  when 'Every Wall is a door' ends, it seems almost abrupt, as though the song should have gone on longer.

The second track shows the band delving more into the realm of noise.  guitars will quiver into eruptions, and neck slides are more pervasive.  The band also plays with lower notes on the scale and deep growns find there way into the sound.

The good people at Ominous Recordings did tell me though that I was allowed to upload Side A for any readers who want to preview this.
Listen to Side A, Every Wall is a Door, in two parts: Pt 1; Pt 2.

If you want to hear Side B, Every Door is a Wall, the purchase this cassette from Ominous Recordings either through their website or through

Hope you enjoy this little known release as much as I do.

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