Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Health Problems-Counterproductive (2013)

Right from the get go, Health Problems throw you into a punk surf rock frenzy with an unrelenting bass guitar taking center stage.  The vocals presented are similar at times to Daughters.  The vocalist of the album makes me want to categorize the music as noise rock, but the instruments on display in the first track are much cleaner sounding than traditional noise rock.  These are some strong surf punk.

On the third track, 'Mr. Man', we are given a Rollins-esque monologue that eventually devolves and tears itself apart.  This is the longest track on the album, the strongest track on the album, and showcases a band taking risks with their sound and it paying off.

After hearing 'Mr. Man', it is hard to jump right back into the surf punk sound, making the placement of 'Boy Problems' one of the few flaws on the album.  I imagine this is a much subtler transition when you have the pause of flipping the cassette first, but on digital release, the transition could be improved.

Overall, this album has good songwriting that is highlighted by the singers powerful delivery.  Never does an instrumental standout, but the musicianship is solid enough.  While this album will probably be overlooked by the majority of the music community, it is a strong release that is worthy of a purchase if you want noise rock with an outlandish vocal delivery reminiscent of Daughters-Hell Songs.
The album can be streamed and purchased on cassette or digitally at their label's Bandcamp Here.

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