Friday, December 6, 2013

Guerilla Toss-Gay Disco (2013)

Gay Disco
They found it!  After hearing Jeffrey Johnson last year and being disappointed, I was pleasantly pleased when I heard their self-titled release from this year.  But from the moment I tuned into Gay Disco, I realized that they have fully found their sound.  this album places Guerilla Toss as a household name to the shrill, female-fronted noise rock genre.

Gay Disco starts out funky, but even after a couple time changes, Guerilla Toss manage to keep the opening track uniform and engaging.  When I got to the second track, "Pink Elephant", I knew it wasn't a fluke.  These songs manage to find a nice balance between grooving bass, no wave guitars, and ridiculous vocals.  The loops in "Pink Elephant" are fantastic and quite complex.

"Sugar Better" may have started to go a little far out there for me, but I imagine once this is on my ipod it will really feel at home.  Man I just need to listen to this more.

It is good to see that Guerilla toss didn't give up the longer track length style they showcased in their self-titled (though I am happy that the tracks are split now, unlike on Jeffrey Johnson). Again, just like with both other releases, their are only six tracks (this one clocks in at just under 30 minutes).

I was very happily surprised to see how much love Gay Disco has already gotten from the world too.  The album hasn't even released yet, but the blogosphere seems to be bustling with talk about this new album.  I am not one to yell sellout.  If anything, I love when a band like Guerilla Toss is succeeding.  Afterall, this is music I really enjoy, why wouldn't I want other people to give them money?

Give them your money Here.

Please comment below if you know who produced this album.  I know Zorn produced their last one, and am really curious who did this one.

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