Thursday, November 21, 2013

Quttinirpaaq- Let's Hang Out (2013)

Let's Hang Out
From the minute I set the needle down I could tell that Let’s Hang Out was going to be sludgier, noisier, and all around better than No Visitors.  This album is more focused and takes a much better direction.  It is a great album and will be ending up in my top 10 noise rock albums for the year.

After the slow, heavy intro, “Chinese Hercules” comes in with a great opening riff.  Soon, delayed vocals and feedback fill up the sound and leave the listener with 6:00 more minutes of thick rock.  “Stork” continues with this style: throw a quick guitar loop, slam some drums, add something with delay, and top it off with feedback.  I personally think it is a great approach, and “Stork” really shows this.

If this album has one major flaw, it is that the songs never flow together.  Tracks like “Stork” stop so abruptly, only to have a completely different sound come in afterwards.  An improvement in continuity would have turned this record from a collection of songs into a more unified piece; what I always hope to hear from an album.

I may think that the transmissions between tracks may be rough at times, but that doesn’t mean the tracks are bad.  When the reviewer is picking apart the one second in-between tracks, that is when you know an album probably has some things going for it.

Let’s Hang out feels like a giant step forward for Quittinirpaaq.  The industrial aspects have been toned down, but when presented (“Man without a Body”) they are tight and well mixed with the other sounds.  Additionally, Turner’s band is more willing to explore other possible areas of music.  “A Golden Sheriff” shows us a Hecker-styled ambient (and is a great ender to Side A).

Side B follows a very similar formula to that of Side A; heavy noise rock for a few tracks and a couple nice guitar-based ambient tracks to close it all out.  Also, just look at how nice this record looks.
Clear Blood Splattered Vinyl

Listen to it Here and swoop up a copy of your own.

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