Thursday, October 9, 2014

Grizzlor- When You Die 7" (2014)

When You Die
Grizzlor is a band I have been meaning to get around to writing about since the release of We're All Just Aliens earlier this year.  Usually I don't write about singles, but a review of their stuff has been long overdue.

Grizzlor's sound is one that lies someplace between Oozing Wound and stoner-grunge music.  With When You Die , the group has really begin to refine this sound and fall into their own.  Immediately the first track, "No Time", shows that this band is only getting better.  Their vocalist sounds more confident, and their overall sound is much fuller.

I have been waiting on a full LP since I heard these guys back in January, and I guess I am just gonna have to keep waiting, but this single was great and just has me more excited for when they finally do release a debut LP.

Take a listen and order a copy of it Here.

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