Monday, November 17, 2014

USAnails- Sonic Moist (2014)

Let's start off with giving a quick shout out to one of the best noise rock blogs in the world.  THIS ONE.  I constantly find great music from this little blog, so it's time I showed it some love.  That said, USA Nails is one such find that stood out.

The singer reminds me of the higher pitch singer of White Drugs mixed with Stephen Pederson of the White Octave, and songs like 'Shite at the Palladium' show off a similar songwriting to White Drugs.  For those who don't know White Drugs, think Amphetamine Reptile.

Rather than continue throwing out unknown and obsolete bands, I'll leave this review relatively short and say that this album is some fantastic, albeit run-of-the-mill, noise rock.  The band is even best when they capture that traditional angular noise rock sound with their instrumentation.  Tracks like 'Am I A Man Or Not' make their less standard tracks like 'Oh Caroline' seem lackluster in comparison.  Sure to some it may sound like a backhanded compliment to say they are great at a generic sound, but there is a reason that style instrumentation is the trademark of lots of great noise rock bands.  USAnails seem to be on the path to carry that flag for all the people like me out there looking for just that sound and to me that is great news.

Above is a link to one of the tracks on this album.  Check out their blog to preorder this on vinyl or cassette (which I would totally preorder if it shipped to the states).

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