Friday, June 5, 2015

Auxiliary Mammals- (DEMO) (2014)

2014 noise rock
It seems every year I find an album from the previous year that is top ten noise rock albums from that year, and would have been on my list if I heard it in time.  This time it is the 2014 DEMO from Auxiliary Mammals.  Sure DEMO isn't quite an album (its a demo, duh), but it has album art and, most importantly, is very, very good.

While less than 15 minutes, this introduction to the band showcases everything I hope they remain being about.  The vocalist does a great job throughout scream-rambling in a way that feels off-kilter but not out of sync.  Meanwhile the band shows its influences like Arab on Radar without being cookie-cutter copies; they have their own sound all figured out and it works.  Tracks like "Banshee" and "Halo" show they can handle abrupt, immediacy with tact, and really the entire album flows without a single moment I feel should have been left out.

I know Auxiliary Mammals has a 7" coming out soon, so support them and pick it up when it drops.  More importantly, let hope they get around to giving us a proper debut album and don't drop off like so many other "potential" bands (I'm looking at you Gila Monster).

Stream this beast Here.

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