Monday, June 22, 2015

Worm Crown- Trauma (2015)

I had never heard Worm Crown before until stumbling on it on Bandcamp.  Real glad I did.

Worm Crown is a three piece band from Australia that take their cues from punk music.  Honestly if the guitarist played traditional punk music and the vocalist said Oi a few times, they probably wouldn't have stood out to me.  But fortunately it sounds like the vocalist and guitarist spent less time listening to The Clash and more time listening to Fugazi.  While the end result is a little slower in BPM, the vocals come in clean and the guitars come in dirty.

If you only have time to listen to one song off the album, but want to know what this album is all about, I would suggest "Limbless".  I don't think it is the highlight of the album (I'll let you decide that for yourself), but I do think it sums up the band's sound the best and encompasses the various styles you will hear on the rest of the tracks.

Stream and buy it Here.  Also, feel free to use the comment section to let me/ them know if you wish they released it on any other formats than CD (I know I wished for cassette or LP). 



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