Wednesday, October 31, 2012

BNNT- _ _ (2012)

BNNT- _ _
BNNT _ _
Here we have a Polish Art/Noise Rock Duo.  Their 2012 Debut, _ _ features audioclips from movies such as TRASH HUMPERS and DAY NIGHT DAY NIGHT.  I personally find that it is these audioclips which work well to strengthen and fill in their sound.

Konrad Smolenski, the bands founder, plays a 'barritone missile', which is a four stringed guitar that looks how it sounds.  The band is known in Europe for 'soundbombings,' where they show up in a ugly van that has a generator and amps built in, jump out, and start playing a show.  These usually occur in inappropriate locations (though public in general is probably inappropriate enough for noise rock).

If you enjoy lightning bolt/ black pus, then this album might be for you.

This album has not yet been released on vinyl (I am waiting patiently though).
check it out/buy it digitally Here
Also, buy their 7" and get a free digital copy.

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