Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Divorce- S/T (2012)

This is one of the harsher releases I have heard this year.  Divorce is a fitting name for this band, as the sound on this album is literally the band tearing itself apart.  If you have never tried noise rock, don't start here.  But if you have either been into noise rock for some time and are trying to traverse the gap to noise, or just the opposite, this is a great bridge between the two genres.

It is hard to fully describe the sound presented here, as no one track stands out by itself.  This is an album where each track on its own seems alright.  It is the tremendous weight this album holds as a whole which made it leave such a great impression on me.

If you enjoy this release, try White Suns-Sinews (2012); AIDS WOLF

EDIT:  I completely forgot to add this.  Sorry.
You can listen to/ buy it Here.

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