Wednesday, October 31, 2012

WaMu- Viafuckt (2012)

WaMu- Viafuckt

wamu viafuckt
I may as well start my blog off with a 2012 doosie.
WaMu-Viafuckt is a noise rock album full of saxophones, dissonance, and a female vocalist whose vocals linger in your head moments after being sung (yelled/yelped/cried/ect.).  While the album's first track I only find alright, I definitely found myself 100% onboard what these guys were doing by around song 4.  The album is only $5 on their bandcamp ($8 for the cassette after shipping).

If you enjoy this, I suggest checking into Coughs-Fright Makes Right; AIDS WOLF-Cities of Glass; Black Eyes-Cough

Buy it/Stream it Here.

Edit:  The good people over at TALKING HELPS RECORDS told me to feel free to use the music to promote it.  I had a bandcamp code after buying the cassette, so here you go:
Mediafire (320) Here.

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