Saturday, November 2, 2013

Sissy Spacek-Wreck (2013)

WreckThis is probably the harshest noise album I own (actually Troubled Sleep by Prurient may hold that record)
. Sissy Spacek start the album with an immediate blast of sound. If you don't care for noise, than do not bother with this album. If you are a fan of the genre, or interested in checking it out, this is a great album for you.

Like most noise albums, the quality comes from the layers and textures. Either you enjoy the end result or you don't. I found all six of the tracks to be absolutely fantastic. 'Overheat' is a perfect example that noise need not have loops and recurring patterns to still hold attention and feel carefully constructed. 'Balloon Assassination' has great vocals on it. The screams are all inaudible but match the ferocity of the sound accompanying them perfectly. This is something John Weise shows us is his expertise. The shrillest of pitches are much easier on the ear because of their careful placement after buildups of sound; the mixing of a deep static in one ear feels like the perfect accompaniment to the choppy tones played in the other. Weise is able to make a genre like harsh noise quite approachable all considered.

I find myself having the urge to put this album on at the strangest of times. I was listening to it when changing the headlights in my fiance's car. I was listening to it while applying for jobs one afternoon. If you haven't ever tried listening to harsher noise, why not put on some headphones and give this album a try. You may find yourself surprised with how relaxing auditory punishment can be.

Stream the album Here, and order it through paypal and email from Phage Tapes.

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