Wednesday, November 13, 2013

The Dead C- Armed Courage (2013)

armed courage
Bands have a tendency to mellow out over time.  Usually when they don't, there is an extreme decline in the quality of their musical output; usually when they do, the music shifts from straightforward to abstract and genre pushing.  withe The Dead C's new two track album, armed courage, we see a mellowing out of the sound, and, in my opinion, the music gets its strength from this.

Let's start off with me acknowledging that I do not know much of their discography.  It is hard enough for me to keep up with a current year's music, let alone music that came before it.  That said, The Dead C provide us with a more mellow sound that I have come to expect from them.  The first track is a soft, cold instrumental piece that lasts over twenty minutes.  The other track clocks in at just over twenty-three minutes and features synths, loops, guitar, drums, piano, and the occasional wind chime, all the while presenting vocals in a very vulnerable nature.

If you are looking for a harsher ambiance within a noise rock sound, give this a go.

Listen to the second track Here, and purchase the album directly from the label Here

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