Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Aquarelle- Interrupted Forms (2014)

Droney, electro-acoustic music.  This is the first tape of the 11 tape series Dynasty At Ghost Town on Bathetic Records, a tape set I wish I had the spare cash to snatch up before it sells out.

This album reminds me of a happier Gordon Ashworh-S.T.L.A. (another fantastic album from this year).  Despite its genre, Interrupted Forms is quite an easy listen most of the time, and is one that is immersive while still being accessible enough to not overwhelm anyone who would walk into the room mid-listen (save a few moments).

Interrupted Forms I starts out with quite a bit of acoustic in the sound (something I very much like), than works its way into a lighter, ambient sound.  This sound slowely builds into a larger, angelic harmony by the end.

Interrupted Forms II picks up with a booming wall of sound larger than where the first side left off.  Despite the density, the music remains in an optimistic tone, similar to Superstorms' 2012 S/T (highly recommended).  The sound temporarily regresses from electronic denseness to a more open, acoustic structure, only to come back to the dense drones that started the track.  The final minute of the album feels empty and abandoned, as the buildup drops out and only a few background gurgles remain.

Overall, this was a standout release that is sure to sadly go under-appreciated

Stream the album Here.

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