Friday, May 30, 2014

Irk-Bread and Honey EP(2014)

Last year cattle' S/T ended up being one of my favorite noise rock EPs, an EP that was brought to my attention pretty early on during the year.  This year's Irk-Bread and Honey feels like a solid contender to repeat such a trend.

Bread and Honey has a ton of passion.  The vocalist is always giving 100%, whether boasting until hoarse or speak singing in a manner like the vocals on Satanized-Technical Virginity or Daughters-Hell Songs.  Occasionally the bass falls into a sludgy rift or backing track, but usually it is at the forefront with its overdriven sound with funky undertones.

Earlier this year I heard Bardus-Solus (2013).  While also a great album, Irk take a very similar sound and perfect it.  Given that the EP is short, I will keep my review the same way.

Expect more great stuff from these guys and stream the album Here.

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