Friday, November 23, 2012

Superstorms- superstorms (2012)

Drone usually doesn't sit to well for me.  Some of it is okay, but I tend to feel that the guitar work in it is usually lacking, or that a loop doesn't need to go on for 30 minutes when the loop is relatively simple and not innovative.

This album does a great job at overcoming these shortfalls which many drone albums find themselves being tripped up by.  If I had to use one word to describe this album it would be 'lush'.

Michael Tolan does an amazing job creating a soundscape which is full of life.  While most drone is dark and brooding, Superstorms sounds joyful and victorious.  It sounds like Prurient did the mastering of a Tycho album.

One thing that makes this album noteworthy is how well the songs flow together.  While writing this review I was going to comment on one of the tracks and how nice it was, but when I double checked the title of 'Part 2' I realized that wasnt the track I was still on.

I highly suggest you take a listen to this album.
The whole album can be streamed Here.

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