Sunday, November 18, 2012

White Drugs- Gold Magic (2010)

White Drugs
I am quite pleased to be able to provide you with this album.  White Drugs's Sophmore release, Gold Magic is a great album.  While definitely noise rock, it holds a summertime feel.  I contacted one of the members of the now defunct White Drugs, and they agreed to let me upload a song onto youtube and upload the album on mediafire.

As you can tell from the youtube link, White Drugs dance this boarder between radio-rock and noise rock quite well.  Heavy riffs but subtle vocals.  Also, This was released on Amphetamine Reptile Records; for those who know AmRe, they know that their releases tend to be outstanding stuff, and this is no exception. 

An interview with one of the singer/guitarists will be coming shortly, as I am quite busy at the moment, but it will include information about Baños y Baños, a new group comprised of similar members, as well as their upcoming debut.

If you enjoy this album, please buy it, as copies are still available.  for purchasing information, email Chris from the band.


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