Friday, November 2, 2012

Update and future plans

I have been extremely busy as of late, both preparing for the MPRE and balancing school.  Despite all this, some exciting things are in store for this blog.  Hopefully sometime next week we will be publishing an interview with BNNT.  than, shortly after that, We will be bringing you an interview with a member of Divorce.
In other news, I have sent out a couple requests to bands which only have cassette releases that they create a bandcamp so that others may be able to hear their albums in full.  Should any agree, we will be bring both a review and a link of those to you.
As far as layouts are concerned, this blog will be beautifying casually over the next month or two.  Hopefully I will get a nice guest book page going where you can recommend music to me, as well as leave any other shout out you so choose.  Feel free to leave comments on any music posted.
Finally, I hope by the end of 2012 to have a few charts made available to you.  I have heard over 30 noise rock albums this year, and I am trying to decide a proper order of best to worst.  I also want to post a top fifty list of music, and I hope to try to tie this in with a youtube where I can share various songs throughout the ages that just went unnoticed.

Well, that brings any readers up to speed.


  1. what's yr email for getting in touch?

    sorry I was still setting things up and that got forgotten