Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Poino- Moan Loose (2010)

I had mentioned that I would be reviewing any albums sent to me.  Well, I decided on an official method for this process.  If a band sends me an album to review.  I listen a few times and then write up a review and send it back.  If they agree, I then publish it.

On that note, here is the first band who agreed that the review didn't make them out to be complete crap (because they are actually good)

Moan Loose

About halfway through Moan Loose, it finally hit me.  the vocalist sounds exactly like the guy in Giddy Motors.  If you know Giddy Motor's 2002 album, Make it Pop, then you know that that is a good thing.

Before I continue with the review I wrote them, I was told after sending this that it is the same vocalist.  I guess I should have done some research, but I was trying to do my reviews solely of a sound thing, so I guess I nailed it.  Anyway, continue review:

As far as the music goes, the band's Bandcamp calls it 'alternative', 'alternative rock'.  tow labels I loath.  the music is someplace between noise rock and math rock, keeping the instruments away from the punk spectrum while the vocals near it.  The instruments make good use of changing time signatures, though they do 'chug; out in track 8 for a few moments.

The band makes a good amount of ruckus for just three people.  I was left wanting more guitar wankery, similar to that found at the end of ' Bad Bag'.  I love when I have to do a double take to determine whether the sound came from a squealing saxophone or a guitar, and that moment at the end of that track hits that sound perfect..

The biggest pitfall of the album is that it includes a slow track second to the end.  Up until this point the album pulls at you, constantly forcing you forward with the sound, but 'watching the kitchen spider' hits you like a shot of heroine.  It's sluggish, off-putting, and the drums and guitar feel as though they would be better suited on a Band of Horses album.

Fortunately the album uses this break in the energy to build up for a final encore with 'Sex Pesto', a song whose bass just demands to be paid attention to.

I want to thank them for reaching out and asking me to check out their music, because I enjoyed it.  They hope to be touring stateside next year and should have a new album out, so be on the lookout for that.  If you enjoy this album, reach out to them either here in the comment section or at their Bandcamp.

You can listen to/ buy one of the last 30 copies on vinyl Here.

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