Thursday, November 8, 2012

Mutwawa- Lamashtu Pazuzu (2012)

Mutwawa Lamashtu Pazuzu
Here is a great album which is best described as noisy dance infused middle eastern sounds.  Only 8 tracks long, this album accomplishes finding a unique sound in a world that seems to have ever increasing difficulty of doing that.  While this album is not perfect, its lofi production is one of its strengths, helping the album feel less like an electronic album recorded solely on a laptop.  This album will make the listener feel as if they are in a seedy nightclub in Morocco, with DJ's who are trying to imitate Boys Noize records but in the end creating something completely different (see track 3, Skrull Eternal).
Overall, this album will please both those looking for something new and girls who claim Daft Punk is there life.
You can listen to it Here.  If any of the 50 copies are left, you can buy the cassette Here.

EDIT:  Jason Hodges of MUTWAWA got back to me, letting me know that he will be doing an interview as well and providing me with a link to download the album and all of their other work for free.
Find it all for download Here.

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