Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Pneu- Highway to Health (2011)

Highway to Health
I am apparently terrible at reviewing just 2012 albums.

Here is the second album by french duet Pneu.  As described to me: "this album is for like Hella don't you?" The answer to that question is yes, but I was skeptical.

Well, Be skeptical not, this sounds good.  I mean real good.  As a guy who finds feels most math rock sounds slightly vein, if not almost grandiose, I am here to tell you this is legit.  I felt it was better than You Slut! and any Ahleuchatistas releases I have heard (no I haven't heard their most recent.

Really, as a band with one guitar and one drummer, they really do do a decent job at imitating Hella, even if that isn't their goal.  I strongly suggest this if you liked 'The Devil Isn't Red', or really any Hella release.

Trust me, just listen to it right Here

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