Sunday, November 11, 2012

Air Tycoon- Winter Purple (2012)

Air Tycoon
Bedroom producer Joe Garcia really shows his production skills with this album.  The tags cough syrup, drag, trip-hop all seem accurate.  Even the album title, Winter Purple, nods at the idea that this sound was made for getting high on purple cough syrup.

In the end though, regardless of who the intended audience is for this mixtape/ album, I find that this album incorporates the perfect amount of mainstream rap drum tracks in with lush synthesizers and samples.  The album really picks up around track three and stays strong through track five.

One of the main strengths of the feeling of mainstream rap beats which accompanies this album which really goes much deeper.  Friends who listen to T-Pain and Lil Wayne will be able to appreciate these beats, and if you can stand hearing them state how much better these songs would be with the aforementioned featured on the tracks, show them this album.

Overall, both this and his recent EP were strong contenders for the year and if you are a fan of triphop you should check this out.  At least check out the 4th track, Care for You.

Also, the artwork is very nice IMO.

Listen to the album and buy it Here.

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