Thursday, November 8, 2012

Black Pus- Pus Mortem (2012)

Black Pus Pus Mortem
Here was a sleeper release from Lightning Bolt's Brian Chippendale.  This album is great, combining all that I love from black pus into an awesome free album.  If you find Lightning Bolt to be too fast paced for you, or if you just need more of their indistinguishable vocals, this album is for you.
While I have never gotten the honor of seeing Lightning Bolt live, all of the live videos of this album sound great, so do yourself a favor and youtube it.
Short review, but go ahead and stop by the bandcamp to download and listen to this great album.  Dont be put off by the artwork, just do it.  you can find the bandcamp Here.  And name a real price if you like the album so that more great music can continue to be made.

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