Friday, November 2, 2012

Choochooshoeshoot- Playland (2012)

Choochooshoeshoot- Playland
choochooshoeshoot playland
The female fronted noise rock scene has been growing in recent years.  I am continually surprised by the quality of almost all releases that fit that description.  Choochooshoeshoot's Playland is no exception.
Hailing from France, Choochooshoeshoot have a sound which conjures images of a more refined Pre.  The song structures are very well crafted, and the vocalist has quite a broad range, at times bringing a harsh spoken word feel for a few moments only to bring her sound back to a Merrill Garbus tone.  Each listen has me noticing more strengths within this album.  Great influences seem to be easily found throughout.  The first track's vocals immediately bring to mind Arab on Radar, and much of the guitar work later on has me thinking back on old Fugazi.
Whether you consider this Post Punk, or Noise Rock, it is highly recommended.
Go Here to give it a listen, then buy the album.

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