Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Diamond Terrifier- Kill the Self that wants to Kill Yourself (2012)

Diamond Terrifier
If you liked Colin Stetson's New History of Modern Warfare, or if you simply enjoy seeing the extreme uses some people implement on the saxophone, than Diamond Terrifier may be a good 2012 release for you.
This album makes you question whether it is a saxophone or synthesizer many times during its playthrough.  It is brooding, and at times dissonant, and while Sam Hillmer does not follow Colin's schtick or Humming while playing, he does create unique soundscapes through the use of pedals.  Hillmer's Sax can make drones, swirls, and analogue tones which are all quite impressive.

Unfortunately, there is no links to a full album preview legally available at this time, though I am going ahead and emailing for permission to upload the album to youtube/mediafire/ asking him to create a bandcamp.
Until then, you can purchase the album Here, and listen to a studio track Here and a live track (which I recommend) Here.

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