Monday, November 19, 2012

Xaddax- Counterclockwork (2012)

Here is an album I had been meaning to get around to that Built on a Weak Spot reminded me to check out.  Glad I did.
Xaddax play with the passion of XBXRX, but hold some of the angst.  This album works well, throwing squealing guitars at the listener while holding a slower drum section than XBXRX that isnt as focused on breakdowns.
The album is quite short, and that ends up being one of its strengths.  Its fast pace makes the listener question whether it is actually an EP.
Overall, the music is fast, fueled, and feverishly delivered.  It makes you want to drink, fight, and be an all around degenerate.  If you are a fan of punk driven noise rock, than this album is probably for you.

Check out two songs off the album Here.

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