Thursday, November 8, 2012

Another Update

So far things have been going great over here at Procurement records.  We had almost 50 views today so far, so I am glad to see that this has been gaining interest.
Hopefully the blog will began to be better tagged, and will have different pages soon for updates, interviews and albums.

In trying to keep to giving you lesser known albums, I decided my main standard of review will be whether P4k has has reviewed an album or not.  Looking at the albums I have next on the chopping block, a variation in genres is going to began to show up, so dont be surprised if you see a funk album next to a noise album next to a freejazz album.

Also, I have set up an email account, so feel free to email if you have any questions.

Until I have set up an official talk amongst yourself page, feel free to post any offtopic comments, suggestions, ect here.

Finally, as it is November, Musikchan is asking its viewers to spread the word of its existence, so go check out the best music forum on the web.

Thanks again

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