Wednesday, November 14, 2012

NAH- Tapefuck (2012)

I couldn't end the night without giving you a 2012 release.  So here you go.

NAH- Tapefuck is a one man act.  It rocks.  I stumbled upon to this around April and was bumping it real hard.

NAH is a drummer who makes dissonant soundscapes which then are played while he drums to them.  This album starts out with saxophone samples, heavy drums, and soooo much goodness that 5 seconds into hearing it I knew it was for me.  If the first 10 seconds of this album dont make you fall in love, than know it probably isnt for you.

If you like Tobacco from BMSR, but wish he had real drums and went a little harder, than this is for you.

Find it Here as well as two other releases of 2012 that he has since done (which I haven't heard yet).

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